Donagene Jones

Donagene’s passion for our sport and involvement in gymnastics bridges 40+ years, with travel around the world as a coach, choreographer, and judge. She was a gymnast at Queen City Gymnastics in Cincinnati, Ohio under Jeff Metzger, and later received a full athletic scholarship to Montana State University. She has successfully completed four National judging courses & four International Brevet judging courses. Her travels to Africa, the United Kingdom, Israel, Japan, and South America have allowed her to organize and coordinate International gymnastics events and give back to the gymnastics community. She choreographs around the country and has had numerous State, Regional, and National Floor champions throughout the decades.

Fun facts about Dona...

* She has been choreographing and judging for 32 years.

* SHE LOVES THE SPORT! * She received a full ride to Montana State University and Dick Foxal was her coach.

* She graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree and worked as an environmental engineer for a DOE contractor in Washington state for 3 years before she decided gymnastics was her forever passion.

* She started with GymCorp through USA Gymnastics in 1997 and spent 4 years volunteering in Namibia and South Africa with their gymnastics Federations. She still returns to Africa and spends several weeks doing choreography & clinics each year.

* She grew up with Jeff Metzger, Gary Warren, and Pat Warren as her coaches at Queen City in Cincinnati, Ohio. Pat is her Mom :)

* Dona & her mom were the technical consultants/coaches and worked for 9 months on the Disney movie STICK IT...and she may have done a cameo or three in it! LOL!

* In her off time, she is a professional skydiver. She holds 10 World Records! In January, Red Bull invited her & 26 of the elite female skydivers from around the world to make history in honor of International Women's Day. She loves her skydiving family as much as her gymnastics family!

* Her & her boyfriend have been together for 12 years and live in Clovis, California. They have two dogs.

Donagene Jones